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Our Focus

The HUT 8 team focuses on digitizing the human experience in many industry verticals. As an agile company, we partner with the SME sector to understand their business problems and develop solutions that will enable them to reposition themselves in the market.
We strive to work with technology partners and use the latest technology and business trends to reposition businesses in the Industry 4.0 standard


What We Stand For

Our promise to deliver is based on 5 core values. You will see these in our engagement from the initial Hello to the final Thank you on our journey with you.



Integrity is the cornerstone of HUT 8, We strive to implement sound moral and ethical principles at work and among employees and between HUT 8 and its customers, principals and business partners


We strive to understand our employees beyond the work-life relationship and gain a better understanding to cultivate empathy to build respect among employees, customers, and business partners


We will be transparent in all matters between employees, customers and business partners to ensure the integrity, respect and excellence are maintained in our relationships.


We strive to excel our capabilities and expertise to benefit the employees and customers. We will understand the capabilities and expertise of others and strive to help each other to achieve their goals and targets.

We will collaborate with each other to complete the task at hand or help others to complete the work.

Meet Our Management

Bonniface Perera

Managing Director  - Hut 8 Sri Lanka

With over 33 years of experience in the banking sector and has held key positions in one of the largest public bank in Sri Lanka, He managed to make peoples bank the number one bank in Sri Lanka both digitally and branch network.

Nirusha Dissanayake
Founder and Managing Director - Hut 8 Australia

Thought leader, Innovator and Expert on Project Management and Quality Assurance practices across Digital and SAP delivery teams. 22 years of experience working at all levels of an organization, and organizations ranging from airlines, utilities, retail, mining, manufacturing, telecommunications and apparel to consulting.

Asela Dissanayake
Founder and Director

With over 20 years of experience in the information technology field, Asela has been able to convert technological solutions towards the better development of core business functions. Asela keen role is to digitally enable the peach tree platform for the SME sector in Sri Lanka.

Our Development Team


Our Development team is one of the best in the industry and they are self motivated to deliver. Boasting some of the industry leading experts in all technology disciplines, our team is ready to deliver any project that is received.

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